Our goal is to improve the rideshare experience through in-car entertainment, hyper-local content and rideshare advertising.

RIDEPLAY tv’s technology is a hybrid platform of traditional broadcast media and internet advertising, giving clients the high visibility that comes with broadcast media along with the stats & metrics expected from an online advertising campaign like Pay Per Click (PPC) & SEO offer.  

Why are we such a good fit for…


The fuel powering RIDEPLAY tv has over 40 years experience offering television, film, advertising, marketing, software engineering services to small businesses and fortune 500s.

We spent 2.5 years developing RIDEPLAY tv and it’s realtime dashboard.
We can’t wait to tell you all about it.


Our passion for the rideshare economy stems from actually experiencing what it’s like to drive for Uber and Lyft.  We understand the rideshare community and are to creating ways to generate multiple revenue streams for our loyal network.

it’s a win – win


Our history of increasing our client’s revenue through traditional advertising and marketing complements both the technology and strategy behind RIDEPLAY. We’re able to track every conversion that comes from your campaign.  Our network gets paid, our advertisers get paid…it’s a win win scenario.


  • Greg Maestro Producer

    Greg woks  with the product development and production teams developing entertaining, interactive content for brands and strategic partnerships with fortune 500 companies.

  • Joe Dominguez Operations Manager

    Joe is RIDEPLAY tv’s Operations Manager and Driver Liaison. Joe manages teams of drivers and engineers coordinating distribution and quality assurance.

  • Stewart Mcclure Account Manager

    Stewart’s main goal is managing accounts, growing the company and making sure that its core mission is followed through intelligent growth.

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