RIDEPLAY tv covers AI Ping Pong Playing Robot at CES 2019

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The Next Best Ping Pong Player

Tired of trying to find the best partner to match in a game? Forpheus by Omron has you covered. Omron is known for its world leading automation, artificial intelligence and robotics technology, and they demonstrated this technology at CES 2019 through FORPHEUS, the world’s first AI-equipped table tennis tutor. Forpheus is the world’s first ping pong tutor equipped with artificial intelligence. Omron is a leading, global company with a team that spans across several industries. One of their main focuses is job training through artificial intelligence, as seen with their ping pong tutor. Wes from RIDEPLAY tv tests out his backswing as featured below!

How Forpheus Works

Forpheus relies mainly on artificial intelligence and image detection technology to reproduce human behavior. No more robots taking orders from us humans; tutors like Forpheus exemplifies how Omron continues to harmonize the modern world with AI technology. Forpheus is the ultimate challenging yet responsive player. Its capability of challenging the opponent with continuous adjustment allows it to provide the opponent with an experience that enhances their personal skills. Having the ability to analyze the hit of a ball 80 times per second allows for ball direction detection makes it possible for Forepheus to adjust and progressively increase intensity. This creates a coaching approach to the game and is why it is not just a ping pong playing robot, but both an opponent and tutor. Forpheus’ arm intensity control adjustment allows for it to provide the highest possibility of a successful rally with the opponent, maintaining the match’s intensity and excitement. What level do you think Forpheus would choose for you? Our RIDEPLAY tv team was impressed with the results!

Omron’s Latest Technology

Forpheus is a perfect example of how AI technology allows machines to produce human ability on a same, if not better, level. Forpheus embodies Omron’s mission and beliefs — to improve human capability and creativity by providing a harmonious world where humans and machines work together in harmony. OMRON is changing the world we thought we almost knew through its world leading automation, artificial intelligence and robotics technology. Providing solutions to common daily, global problems with a focus on technology integration makes Omron the global leader our world needs.

RIDEPLAY tv’s goal is to improve the rideshare experience by providing both in-car entertainment and rideshare advertising to passengers. With a global solution company like Omron and a rideshare enhancing company like RIDEPLAY tv, it is clear to see that the future is digital and will continue to better our lives while also shaping one’s outlook, as well as uses, on technology.


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