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The automotive industry is one that, without a doubt, has recently been advancing at an extremely fast pace. Savari leads the V2X technology industry and has recently been featured on The Peggy Smedley talk show. Peggy met with Ravi Puvvala day two of the CES 2019 event in Las Vegas to talk about Savari and the advances that the company has been making. Creating a world where cars are able to communicate with each other is not easy, but completely possible. Ravi Puvvala discusses how through collaboration and leading Savari technologies, moving forward is more possible than ever now.

Closer Than You Think

Autonomous vehicles are closer than you think. Sound scary? Savari has a history dating back ten years, giving it the credibility that we are all looking for when it comes to the very new idea of self-driving and communicating cars. Connective vehicles are Savari’s specialty. Puvvala explains that the available technology of creating successful connective and autonomous cars is much more than just cameras and sensors. The technology to be able to create this includes Vehicle-to-everything, V2X, utilizes radio and cellular connectivity to enable crash avoidance.


The cost of a new technology that a society’s safety will ultimately rely on is not inexpensive. Pavvuli goes onto share that the United States Department of Transportation has been a tremendous factor in allowing the automotive industry to be able to move in this advanced direction. This allowed this industry to initially be standardized and regulated, however the current administration may be hindering the continuance of this. Savari’s technology is an exclusion to this and still has a future. Connective vehicles without a doubt is something that needs to be regulated. Pavvuli states that V2X will be outside of the government support because it uses a cellular standard and can be utilized by car manufacturers. It has only been available for the past two years, as opposed to the wifi standards that the government has been pushing in the past. This agrees more with business models because cars are already being manufactured to be able to utilize cellular connectivity.

What’s next?

In order for this market to further in expansion, a single supplier with the ability to meet the demands of a global market is crucial and necessary. The demands of the US, Europe, and China is wanted and a framework incorporating all will ultimately make the autonomous car industry globalized.

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