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Drive for Uber or Lyft? Increase your income by entertaining passengers.

Qualify for paid campaigns as markets open up.

Drive Your Earnings

Passengers love downloading special offers and being entertained by engaging content.


Drivers have seen a 200% increase in tips by entertaining passengers with RIDEPLAY tv.


Drivers continue to report positive reviews, higher tips & ratings with RIDEPLAY tv.


Drivers can qualify for paid campaigns as they become available.

How To Qualify
Step 1. Download the app

Once you sign up you will receive an e-mail with instructions to download.

Step 2. Mount the tablet

Mount your tablet using a headrest mount then plug it in to a power source.

Step 3. Take a picture

Once your tablet is mounted, take a picture of it plugged into a power source & email to [email protected]

Start earning cash! Download the app today!


Download on tablet only.  


Download on tablet only.  

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How much do I get paid?

1. Tips
After polling drivers, almost 100% have seen increased tips.

2. Rev-share
Once you download the app and mount it, you qualify as a eligible driver. See “Qualification Process” below.  Once eligible, drivers may participate in our rev-share program that pays out a percentage of our revenues to all drivers.  You may have to wait to receive rev-share payments until there are enough qualified drivers in your area so download the app, qualify and secure your place in line!  You can still benefit from entertaining your passengers, getting higher ratings and increasing your tips while waiting for us to hit a critical mass in your area.  Example: 100 drivers are paid 20% of a $60,000/mo. advertiser = $120/mo.  That’s just one advertiser.

3. Campaigns
Drivers are paid 5 cents per mile for paid campaigns that last anywhere from one month to years on end.  For example, if you drive 4000 miles per month, we pay out $200 per month.  It all depends on how much you drive.  This is a pure driver performance model.  Other factors will be included in the next build to include bonuses on other performance metrics.  You may have to wait for critical mass to build before you qualify for a campaign.

4. Commisions
We have a Driver Commission Program that pays either 5% or 10% commission.  This is an additional income opportunity for drivers to earn more than just for running our content.  For example:  You close a deal for a $900 monthly advertising package, you will receive a $90 per month commission.  If we close a deal you referred us for a $900 monthly advertising package, you will receive a $45 per month commission.  For more on our Driver Commission Program, click here.

How & when do I get paid?

We pay on the 1st and the 15th via PayPal.   Sign up for a PayPal account here.

How do I get started?

Sign up and qualification begins here:

How do I download the app?

You can find the download link for Android and iOS here:

What is the qualification process?

1.  Download and install the app.

2. After downloading the app and signing up for an account you will be placed in our driver queue.  We activate drivers as follows:

    A. On an as needed basis when advertising clients support drivers in your location.  We are rapidly growing and will activate you when we need more drivers so mount up and stand by!

    B. Please send a photo of your tablet installed with a secure mount and plugged in to [email protected]  Most mounts from Best Buy work just fine but we have professional mounts by the Joy Factory and can extend a 5% discount on the mount.

    C. Your tablet must have approximately a 9 inch screen and capable to connect to cell phone networks and wifi.   Tethering to your phone is not recommended and will affect your payout.  We want to make sure you are paid for your performance.*

*Steps B and C can be done right away.  Mount up and start driving, as soon as we can we will activate you.

What type of mount do I need?

Tablet mounts come in different shapes and sizes.  You can purchase one from us or get your own.  We have professional mounts by the Joy Factory.  Email [email protected] the type tablet you have and we will reach out to you to get one to you for a fee.

Amazon has a great selection and can range in price depending on type and level of security.

Considerations when purchasing a mount:

1. Ensure the mount holds the tablet so that the tablet does not become a missile hazard while driving.  Mounts with all four side supports are best.

2. Security.  Some mounts have security features.  (See other security question).

3. Purchase a mount that allows the tablet to sit as flush to the seat as possible so that the tablet is positioned between the driver and passenger seat.  This prevents passengers from bumping into the tablet.  

I signed up but can't login?

We need to qualify you and then activate your account, see “What is the qualification process” FAQ above.

How do I make sure passengers don’t use other programs on my tablet?

Apple iOS – Provides a kiosk mode called Guided Access.  Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Learning.  Turn on the Guided Access Button.  Then when you launch RIDEPLAY tv, tap the home button three times.  That will initiate the guided access (kiosk mode) and will prompt you to use a passcode to exit the guided access.  When you are done using the app tap the home button three times and enter your code to exit.

Android – Download the free App called Mobilock which is a Kiosk Mode provider.

Stay tuned for the next RIDEPLAY tv update, it will have an enhanced security feature built in.

What if the app does not work properly?

Email [email protected] so Joe or another RIDEPLAY tv rep will guide you.  Leave a phone number in your email for a quicker response.

I need help with the qualification process, who do I contact?

See “What is the qualification process” FAQ above.  Also, if you like, Email [email protected] and a RIDEPLAY tv rep will guide you.  Leave a number in your email for a quicker response.

Do I need a tablet?

Yes, we support Android and Apple iOS tablets.  Put that dusty tablet to work for you.  Got a family member who doesn’t use the one they have?  Put it to work!


1. We qualify drivers who have an approximately 9 inch or larger screen format to best display our entertainment and advertising content.

2. We qualify drivers who have a tablet that communicates directly with cell phone networks.  Tethering your tablets through your phone is inconsistent and will effect your pay.  We want to make sure you get paid.

What operating system version is supported?

Android 4.0.3

Apple iOS 9.0 Or Later

Does RIDEPLAY tv provide tablets.

No.  We work with drivers who have tablets, but will have a tablet & mount leasing program soon.

Do I need a data plan?

Yes.  Data usage has been approximately 1-3 GB/ month.  We upload new content in the early morning so before you drive you can download new content via WiFi so make sure to allow the app 5 minutes to download content while your near WiFi.  Data plans are becoming less expensive, check with your provider on the latest plans.  You may find that you can update you current plan to a newer version which will get more data and actually cost less or even support another device for free.  Ads load in some occasions during transitions from one geographic location to another and will require data.  Data is also uploaded from the tablet to the server to record ad performance.

How do I prevent theft of my tablet?

 Some mount companies provide security mounts.  The Joy Factory is one of many companies that have some secure mount options.

How do I prevent damage to my tablet?

1.  Purchasing a mount with security features will help.

2. Take the tablet down if you have an intoxicated passenger. You are free to determine that later in the evening and you are seeing too many drunk people then it is okay to protect your property by taking down your tablet.

3.  Ensure you purchase a mount that keeps the tablet as flush to the seat or allows the tablet to sit in between the seats.

4. Take the tablet inside when you’re done with your driving shift.

Does RIDEPLAY tv replace stolen or damaged tablets?

We do not replace any of our drivers hardware.  We recommend adding the tablet to your renters or home owners insurance.

The ride doesn’t stop here.
Earn as much as you can sell with our driver commission program that pays 5% to 10% commission/ month on our advertising program. Depending on you, it can amount to thousands in extra cash each month.  

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