RIDEPLAY tv On FlexFuel’s First Time In America CES 2019

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Driving without releasing emissions seems almost impossible unless you are driving a fully electric car, but it’s not. RIDEPLAY tv’s latest video is on FlexFuel and the advantages of its newest product the Hy-Carbon Connect. This latest technology provides a solution to built up pollution in cars while remaining sustainability efficient to the environment. No need to go car shopping to minimize your global footprint with this! The Hy-Carbon Connect reduces pollution by up to 60 percent, requires no technician maintenance, and is long-term cost efficient.

FlexFuel’s First Debut in North America

RIDEPLAY tv was lucky enough to experience the international company’s first debut in North America at their CES Las Vegas 2019 Smart Cities booth. FlexFuel Energy Development is known for being an industry leader in utilizing green technologies for engine optimization. FFED has products specializing in engine depollution and fuel efficiencies dating back to 2009, with the latest being the Hy-Carbon Connect.

Competing Technologies

The Hy-Carbon Connect builds on FlexFuel’s signature Hy-Carbon technology which reduces pollution and increases engine performance. Many engine problems originate from carbon emissions. Such carbon emissions are extremely toxic to the environment and only increase when the problem is untreated. A common problem with fully electric cars is that without the availability of a charging station, you are limitless. The Hy-Carbon connect allows anyone to be able to contribute to eliminating the amountn of green gasses that are released when driving. A competing difference is that it does not require any maintenance from auto technicians before conducting the cleaning process.

The newest feature that makes the Hy-Carbon Connect different from FlexFuel’s past green technology is that it has the ability to predict engine issues before they even occur. Through its connected technology, it is a smart model offering detailed readouts on the engine.This gives both vehicle technicians and car owners an insight into the health of their car, decreasing future problems and maintenance costs.

How It Works

You may now be wondering how a device is capable of this or how it works. To RIDEPLAY tv’s surprise, the Hy-Carbon Connect uses no chemicals and only water. It also comes with a 5 year warranty giving the owner a reassurance on FlexFuel Energy Development’s customer satisfaction and attentiveness.

For more info please visit the company websites. If you’d like to advertise on our rideshare advertising and entertainment platform please reach out to RIDEPLAY tv and inquire about our rates.


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