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The Dobermans Animation films is likely to be the next leading franchise in the animated film industry starting with The Dobermans – Genesis™ short film teaser, but not without your help! Ram-Z Entertainment will debut it’s teaser/trailer on the epic and exciting adventure created solely by independent animators. You can catch promotional clips in RIDEPLAY tv’s rideshare advertising network, but we’ve included it below because we couldn’t wait to view it either. This animated film incorporates everything you’re looking for to satisfy your movie drought.


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The Dobermans

An ambitious story incorporating sports, fashion, music, and superheroes will appeal to all members of the family. A young pup finds his way into the basketball limelight and a happy love life maintains its liveliness throughout the entire movie with the incorporation of superheroes, adventure, and action. What more could you want? Helping rid the city of villainous gangster dogs doesn’t stop the talented young pup from making world champions.


Behind The Voices and Motion Sequences

The talent behind this movie is far from scarce. From the production to the talent incorporation, the behind the scenes look for this movie is insane. Providing voice over is the legendary Ed Asner among several others A-listers whom we cannot mention just yet until contracts are finalized after funding. The basketball shots are produced from motion capture technology, using several NBA & WNBA players such as Malik Beasley from the Denver Nuggets, Linnae Harper from The Chicago Sky, and Actor Luis “Trix” Da Silva Jr from the Fast Five movie and TV Series Power.  As far as the animation goes, you can expect the same high level of animation as other family-oriented animated feature films. This is where people like you fit into making this reality!


How You Can Be Involved

Ram-Z Entertainment & ILL 4 Real Entertainment has launched a crowd-fund campaign to reach their goal to be able to finish a trailer/teaser short at the best level, giving viewers the ability to watch this film in the best way possible. The phase of transforming the 2D characters into 3D is the most expensive part of any animation film.


Amazing Off Screen Talent

The Dobermans – Genesis™ includes talent from all different spectrums. The casting director, Jen Rudin, has worked on many famous movies including: the Lion King, Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid, Free Birds and Disney movies like The Incredibles, The Princess and the Frog, Chicken Little and Brother Bear. The consumer products marketing manager, Janice Varney, represented Stan Lee from Marvel and has previously worked with Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, and Space Jam. Greg Orloff, an Oscar and British Academy Award winner, will be working on post and sound design. The producers bringing this awesome opportunity in the works is celebrity, brand connector, composer William Andre Buchanan partnered with creator, Art Director Ray Jenkins with a slew of an experienced production team members ready to go to work as soon as funding is available.


For more info please visit the company’s links below. If you’d like to advertise on our RideShare advertising and entertainment platform please reach out to RIDEPLAY tv and inquire about our rates.


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