Rideshare entertainment and advertising company; RIDEPLAY tv feels that anywhere is home while visiting LG at CES

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After walking several miles through the CES show floor that engulfs the entire Las Vegas strip, the rideshare entertainment and advertising company RIDEPLAY tv received the inside scoop on why Life’s Good at LG because “Anywhere is Home!” Even RIDEPLAY tv corespondent John XD while inside the LG booth said, “I would like to move here!”

RIDEPLAY tv inside the LG booth CES 2020

Wesley Dwaine & John XD were greeted by Martin Valdez (record scratch) Elvis? Wait…that is not Elvis nor is John XD Food Network host Guy Fiere. Like the musical icon & celebrity chef, the LG experience was the star of the CES show. LG immersed us into a whole new world of products.

LG is the industry leader in TV tech. Our personal favorite was the 77″ LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV.

LG displayed tv’s on walls of various sizes as well as an unique display of devices playing peek-a-boo. Really?! Your new LG tv can disappear right before your eyes.

Don’t worry David Blaine you can have your magic mixed with art too. Watch your tv turn into the Van Gogh Museum. Display your favorite artwork when you take a break from streaming the latest episode of the Mandalorian on Disney +.

Knock Knock! Who’s there? LG!

That’s right LG has a state of the art door system with palm recognition entry & a side carriage for delivery companies like Amazon to safely secure your packages inside your home. Theft & weather are a thing of the past. The LG smart door system also allows you to check the weather, calendar, among other various personal functions & see who is knocking in real time.

Once inside Martin introduced us to Cloi. Astringency quickly sets in as we gaze upon a bright clean character with a full flowery finish but with out a body. Pardon all the tea tasting terms, Cloi is a robot serving us tea. The aroma in the air suggests move over Martha Stewart. The kitchen’s newest helper has arrived in LG fashion, and the name is Cloi.

After you enjoy a Cloi prepared meal with tea. Feel free to immurse yourself in gaming with the LG Ultra Gear monitor, because the dishes will be done by none other than, drumroll please, Cloi. Thank you Cloi you’re my new best friend, sorry Eric.

LG really took “anywhere is home” to a new level as they previewed a new concept connected car. Imagine a connected mobile transportation system with in car…well everything! Suit press & freshener, snacks & drinks, foldable desks, 360 entertainment, & more at the push of a button. Don’t take my word for it. Go watch for yourself.

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