RIDEPLAY LLC takes the safety of information entrusted to it very seriously. By making sure that all information is encrypted using the latest encryption software. Access to the information is given to employees, contractors, and third-party service providers on a need-to-know basis only. Any person allowed access to the information is required to maintain confidentiality.


RIDEPLAY LLC has a strict policy to safeguard their drivers’ and passengers’ privacy. However, RIDEPLAY LLC does share with their affiliated companies and partners the information that third-party vendors need to provide customer service, media and process payments for example. Also, information may be shared such as information demanded by court order or other disclosures requested by government agencies. Professional advisors, such as attorneys and accountants may have access to the information they need to help comply with legal requirements, accounting guidelines, and security standards.

Information Collected from Drivers

What information is collected

In order to have a RIDEPLAY LLC participant membership activated, and the payments processed, drivers need to provide the following information: their full name, a completed W-9 form, the IP address of the device they will be using to run the RIDEPLAY LLC platform, and the information that is needed to transfer the payment to their account. Once drivers start operating for RIDEPLAY LLC, they collect location-based information, which includes where and when a passenger trip began, where and when it ended and what route was taken.

How RIDEPLAY LLC uses the information

RIDEPLAY LLC uses the personal information collected from drivers to activate their RIDEPLAY LLC account, process their payments, address service issues, address or prevent a violation of the Terms of Service, and to provide customer support.

Information Collected from Passengers

Information collected

RIDEPLAY LLC may choose to collect personal information from passengers or their connected social media accounts in order to serve more relevant content.  It also receives location-based information, which includes where and when a trip began, where and when it ended and what route was taken. RIDEPLAY LLC may choose to share passengers’ information to advertisers, media networks or other third parties.  If a passenger voluntarily provides any personal information to an advertiser, the information will also be subject to the advertiser’s privacy policy.

How information is used

RIDEPLAY LLC’s platform is designed to display content and advertisements to passengers that are likely to be interested based on their location and trip. The location-based information is collected to select relevant advertisements and media during a trip.