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How rideshare advertising is done.

Sign up for a campaign with us and create an exclusive environment for passengers averaging 15 minutes of brand retention per ride.  Choose to concentrate drivers to geo-fenced locations like airports convention centers and venues or geo-target cities and zip codes.

Engage your captive audience with call to actions that sends text messages to their phone.

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RIDEPLAY tv’s technology is a hybrid platform of traditional broadcast media & internet advertising, giving you the high visibility that comes w/ broadcast media along with stats & metrics expected from online campaigns.

Where rubber meets the road.

Compare our captive displays to abandoned clicks & shotgun impressions.

Average conversion rates


13c/ captive display

Pay Per Click

$1.00/ click


$7.00/ open

The exclusive rideshare demographic
Rideshare passengers are:

  • Affluent
  • Educated
  • Young

Female Riders


Male riders


Age = 20-35


Hold college degrees


Earn $100k - $200k

Source (i): (1) www.uctc.net/research/UCTC-FR-2014-08.pgf - 2014. Rayale, L., Shaheen, S., Chan, N., Dai, D., and Cervero, R. "App-Based, On-Demand Ride Services: Comparing Taxi and rideshare Trips and User Characteristics in San Francisco." Working paper, University of California Transportation Center. (2)www.uberestimate.com/stats - accessed Oct 13th 2015.


Step 1

Upload your content to RIDEPLAY tv & broadcast to Uber & Lyft riders
Upload your content to RIDEPLAY tv & broadcast to Uber & Lyft riders
Engage A Captive Audience
RIDEPLAY broadcasts original entertaining content & local advertisements to the exclusive captive audience of Uber & Lyft riders.

Step 2

Broadcast you brand locally or nation wide
Broadcast you brand locally or nation wide
Your Demographic, Captivated
Our broadcast network engages your target market locally or nationally with entertainment and local advertising.

Step 3

Turn riders Into customers as they call, text or download your message
Turn riders Into customers as they call, text or download your message
Interact With New Customers Like Never Before
RIDEPLAY interacts with new customers' cell phones, increasing restaurant sales, ticket sales, app downloads, music downloads, or drop offs to your front door.

Rideshare passengers download apps, music, events, specials, & anything you can dream up. We’re a great fit for:

Film, VOD & TV

Want to increase viewership?  Ride share passengers love to be entertained,  subscribe to VOD services and purchase tickets online.

App Developers

Want to increase downloads?  Ride share passengers have time to kill and love to download apps.

Bars & Restaurants

Want to increase reservations and drink tickets? There are thousands of ride share passengers and and they’re hungry.

Travel Industry

Want to book more flights and increase your reservations? We have a ton of passengers that find the best deal & book flights on their phone.


Want a sold out crowd to your next event?  We have a ton of passengers that love registering, downloading apps & tickets to their phone.


Want to promote the hottest new track to a captive audience? Ride share passengers love music and will download it as soon as it drops.

What you need to know about rideshare advertising

The average full time ride share driver has 300 fares/mo.

The average ride share fare has 1.4 passengers

The average ride share fare is about 23 minutes

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