Introducing the Reolink Argus 4 Pro the World’s 1st Day & Night Color Vision Home Security Camera

BY William Andre Buchanan

June 25, 2024

The Reolink Argus 4 Pro: Elevating In-Home Security and Entertainment for RIDEPLAY tv Viewers

Reolink, a renowned home security solution provider, has launched its newest addition to the Argus camera lineup: Argus 4 Pro. Engineered with proprietary cutting-edge technology and user-centric features, the Argus 4 Pro redefines home and business surveillance with its unmatched combination of 4K UHD 180° blindspot-free view and all-day color vision. The new Argus 4 Pro gives users extra peace of mind with a single wide panoramic view in vivid color that they can access remotely to keep an eye on their properties anytime, anywhere. 

The Reolink Argus 4 Pro is a testament to the fusion of form and function. Its sleek, compact design is perfect for the limited space areas, providing comprehensive surveillance without being intrusive.   Here’s an in-depth review of this innovative product for our RIDEPLAY tv audience.


Design & Durability

Key Features:

  • 4K UHD 180° blindspot-free View
  • All-day Color Vision
  • 30% More Battery Life
  • Wi-Fi 6 Ready, Smooth 4K Streaming
  • Easy Installation Everywhere
  • Enhanced Smart Detection with Accurate Alerts
  • Diverse Local Storage (with support of 128GB SD card and Reolink Home Hub)
  • Remote Access Anytime Anywhere
  •  24-Hour Battery in Just 10 Mins of Charge


Installation Made Simple

Ease of installation is critical in the fast-paced world, and the Argus 4 Pro delivers on this front. Its wire-free configuration means no tangles or clutter, offering a seamless setup that drivers can accomplish in minutes. The Bluetooth connectivity simplifies pairing with devices, ensuring that the camera is up and running without delay.

Crystal-Clear Clarity

The Argus 4 Pro’s 4K UHD resolution ensures that every frame captured is as clear as day, which is crucial not only for security but also for the potential creation of high-quality content for RIDEPLAY tv. The 180° wide-angle lens offers an expansive view, covering every corner of the vehicle’s interior.

Reolink Argus 4 Pro sets a new standard in the industry with 180-degree blindspot-free images and all-day color vision in 4K UHD resolution.

In low light conditions, the Argus 4 Pro can shoot full-color images with no need for infrared lights or spotlights, delivering nighttime images bright and vivid as the daytime ones.

Night or Day, Always Ready

Security doesn’t end when the sun sets. The Argus 4 Pro’s Color Night Vision technology provides vivid footage even in low-light conditions, ensuring continuous protection and peace of mind for all within the vehicle.




If I had three thumbs this would get a “Three thumbs up”. The Argus 4 Pro transcends the limitations of traditional IR night cameras and results in saving 2W/h power consumption when the camera is in night vision mode. The embedded Reolink ColorX technology contributes to a 30% more battery life comparing with other IR 4K UHD resolution cameras at a night condition*.  In conclusion, the Reolink Argus 4 Pro stands out as a stellar security and entertainment tech addition. Its combination of high-quality visuals, robust features, and ease of use align perfectly to deliver top-tier safety and is a smart investment.


About Reolink

Reolink offers smart security solutions for homes and businesses, aiming for a seamless security experience with its wide range of products. Serving millions globally, it provides video surveillance and protection, standing out for its commitment to security technology innovation. Learn more about Reolink’s offerings at For more information please contact



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