CES vs AVN: sex tech

BY Wesley Dwaine

March 13, 2024

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and AVN (Adult Video News) represent two distinct events catering to different industries, though there may be some overlap in the realm of sex technology. Let’s compare them:

1. Focus:

CES: CES is one of the largest trade shows in the world for consumer electronics and technology. It showcases a wide range of products and innovations across various sectors, including automotive, home appliances, health tech, gaming, and more. While CES primarily focuses on mainstream consumer electronics, it also features emerging technologies, including sex tech, within its broader exhibition.

AVN: AVN Expo is the leading trade show for the adult entertainment industry, specifically focusing on adult videos, products, and services. It primarily caters to professionals in the adult entertainment business, including performers, producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. AVN Expo showcases adult films, novelties, lingerie, sex toys, and other adult-oriented products and services.

2. Nature of Exhibits:

CES: At CES, sex technology exhibitors often showcase innovative products and services related to sexual wellness, intimacy, and pleasure. These may include smart vibrators, wearable devices, virtual reality experiences, sexual health apps, and other technology-driven solutions designed to enhance sexual experiences and relationships. A Scandinavian company displayed a new line of men’s sex toys called, The Handy.

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Reimagining sexual experiences through high-end technology

AVN: AVN Expo features a wide array of adult entertainment products and services, including adult films, sex toys, lingerie, BDSM gear, lubricants, novelty items, and more. Exhibitors at AVN Expo cater to the adult industry’s specific needs, with a focus on adult content production, distribution, marketing, and retail. However there were several companies with sex tech at AVN and here are a few that were of interest.

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3. Audience:

CES: The audience at CES comprises industry professionals, technology enthusiasts, investors, media representatives, and the general public interested in consumer electronics and innovation. While CES attracts a diverse audience from various sectors, attendees interested in sex technology are typically more discreet due to the event’s mainstream focus.

AVN: AVN Expo primarily attracts professionals and enthusiasts within the adult entertainment industry, including adult film stars, producers, directors, distributors, retailers, and consumers. Attendees at AVN Expo are openly interested in adult content and products, creating a more accepting and open environment for discussing sex-related topics.

4. Industry Impact:

CES: The inclusion of sex technology at CES reflects the growing acceptance and mainstream integration of sexual wellness and technology. While some exhibitors may face challenges related to societal taboos and regulatory concerns, CES provides a platform for innovation and dialogue around sex tech’s role in promoting sexual health, pleasure, and intimacy.

AVN: AVN Expo plays a significant role in shaping the adult entertainment industry, driving trends, and innovations in adult content production, distribution, and consumption. The event serves as a marketplace for networking, deal-making, and showcasing the latest adult products and services, contributing to the industry’s growth and evolution.

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