CES 2019: How BCS Enhanced the Steering Wheel by Completely Removing It

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Steer Your Joy to Drive

What hot new tech drives like a car but feels like you’re flying a jet plane?  As we steer into more CES tech coverage, let us put you in the front seat of an auto-technology company that is changing the way we drive.   Next up on RIDEPLAY tv, JetDrive by BCS Automotive Interface Solutions!

JetDrive by BCS Automotive Interface Solutions, an automotive supplier from Germany, has integrated jet-like steering into vehicles. Sounding unsafe? BCS specializes in the safety and comfortability of controlling a car. The debut of JetDrive at CES 2019 in Las Vegas showcased how innovative technologies are not only cooler, but easier to use. The easy to handle joy-sticks on each side of the drivers legs allows for smoother and quicker control of the vehicle as compared to the traditional steering wheel. Standing for Body Control Systems, BCS is truly shaping the technologies in cars to be able to fit one’s comfort needs while ensuring a smooth, safe ride.

Experiencing JetDrive

John and Wesley from RIDEPLAY tv were able to meet with representatives of BCS Automotive Interface Solutions at CES and experience JetDrive first hand. Both a simulation and physical testing experience was provided allowing us to see how easy JetDrive really is to maneuver. The simulation allowed us to control a video automated car through the JetDrive joysticks. With a pinpoint turning radius, making very sharp turns with complete accuracy was surprisingly very easy. Flying, yes flying, the golf cart and SUV allowed us to use the joysticks in real life and see how it did feel just like the simulation. Us at RIDEPLAY tv use the term flying to replace driving when it comes to the joysticks because JetDrive nature mimics that of flying a jet.  

More Than Just a Driving Experience

Inside the north hall of the CES Las Vegas convention center, our RIDEPLAY tv representatives were able to drive in a simulation car that resembled Southern California at its finest with a surfboard and wooden side panels. A seat with automatic seat positioning capabilities immediately puts you into the most comfortable and best position for alert driving. Not only does the car’s seat have automatic driving positions, but an entertainment relax mode as well! From the simple touch of a button the seat changes from driving mode, turning to the passenger side where a screen allowed various forms of entertainment. Aside from accurate driving and entertainment modes, BCS incorporated technology systems able to read one’s body signs such as temperature and heart rate. This feature was was as crazy experience, showing how one felt during a drive in real time!

Meeting with BCS Automotive Interface Services was a pleasure. Having worked hand and hand with various car companies on various components, BCS sure did impress us and allowed us at RIDEPLAY tv to see how the integration of technology and automotives is progressing in a fun, exciting way! As this is just the beginning, we have a lot to look forward to!
One thing  is clear from our coverage of CES: there are a ton of new auto technologies like automobile interface technologies, in car entertainment, and digital out of home rideshare advertising that will steer drivers and passengers into 2019 and beyond!

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