OpenCOMM Aftershokz Stereo Bluetooth Headsets Reinvents Communications With Bone Conduction Technology

BY William Andre Buchanan

February 15, 2021

Speak Up With Stereo
Bluetooth Headsets

With the growing popularity of audio social apps in the middle of a pandemic, the AfterShokz headsets are a breath of fresh air.  While juggling a demanding schedule of conference calls and virtual meetings in which I have been submersed, this has become just as essential as my mobile phone itself. OpenComm AfterShokz stereo bluetooth headsets reinvents communication with bone conduction technology by bringing the signature open-ear design to business. With the ability to multitask my productivity has risen in all my ventures. Also, compatibility with both android and IPhone users (yes, I own both) has made my workflow a heck of a lot easier. Couple that with personal voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, (again, it’s a YES for me) the headset helps me streamline my tasks.

Stereo Bluetooth Headsets  streamline workflow

The OpenComm stereo bluetooth headset is engineered with AfterShokz’s 7th generation patented bone conduction technology to deliver superior audio through the user’s cheekbone, leaving ears open to environmental surroundings and coworkers. It comes equipped with an adjustable DSP noise-canceling boom microphone eliminating background noise in loud environments (including dog barks) and ensures clear voice transmission in various settings. But please don’t ignore the dog barking as you may miss your post office delivery.

Stereo Bluetooth Headsets makes light of daily tasks


·         Comfortable fit.

·         Water-resistant protection

·         Multiple phones can be paired to the headset at the same time and toggled back and forth with a multipurpose button.

·         Price Point. You get your bang for your buck. Retail: $159.95

·         Produce crystal-clear voice talk with DSP noise canceling boom mic.

·         Battery life is extensive and can max out at 16 hours of talk life.

·         Wireless range: Up to 33 ft. (10 meters)


·         Perfect for speaking but not so much for a Bluetooth music experience. I am a music lover but this is not really a con as the product is not designed for premium music experience. No worries.

About AfterShokz

AfterShokz audio products deliver premium stereo sound and the safety and comfort of an open-ear design to consumers worldwide. AfterShokz are engineered with patented bone conduction technology to improve situational awareness and keep users connected to their surroundings. Since 2011, AfterShokz stereo bluetooth headsets has used its proprietary technologies and signature open-ear design for endurance, lifestyle, and communication audio products, priced for everyday use.

Comfortable fit

For more information about About AfterShokz, visit and connect with AfterShokz on Facebook at on Twitter, and on Instagram.

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