Track Your Dog’s Movements 24/7 with Animo from Sure Petcare.

BY Wesley Dwaine

August 18, 2020

Pet care has come a long way allowing you to track your dog’s movements 24/7. Although canine domestication dates back roughly 30,000 to 40,000 years ago, our abilities to communicate with them are still in the evolution stages. As hunting partners, bodyguards, and best friends dogs and humans have cohabitated for thousands of years. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) found that 68 percent of U.S. households owned a pet in 2016, with majority of them being dogs. If you are a dog owner, then this article is for you.

Track your dog’s movements while sleeping.

Increase pet bond

Sure Petcare believes their products can increase the bond between you and your pet. The Amino device allows you to monitor your dog’s activities, calories, sleep, and behaviors through an easy to use app. We have all been there, wondering what is going on with our pet? Unless you can understand the language of dogs, the Amino app will help you stay connected with your pet 24 hours a day.

Track your dog’s movements while resting.

Two devices were tested over a period of a month. One Amino device was utilized by Nancy Le and her fawn French Bulldog, Denie. The other by Faith Hamer and her two kids, Michael and Jacob with their white haired Golden Retriever, Joey.

Nancy Le has been the owner, caregiver, mother, friend, and companion to Denie, a 5 year-old Frenchie. Denie has an unbreakable bond with Nancy, as do most pet owners. As a psychotherapist, Nancy jumped at the opportunity to monitor her best friend’s behaviors and activities. “Denie is my family! Anything that will help me better care for him and alert me to possible preventative issues is life changing.” She goes on to say, “It is tracking not only Denie sleeping, but his barking and scratching. So if there are odd behaviors I can recognize them quicker and see if it is due to recent anxiety or any other symptoms. Also, how much physical activity he is getting in a day. It gives me more peace of mind,” affirms Nancy. Peace of mind is exactly what she needed during these uncertain times of COVID-19. Nancy and Denie recently joined her new husband Greg and his dog B.A. Baracus in sunny San Diego. A new home, full time dog pal, and COVID-19 all simultaneously interrupted Denie’s behaviors and activities, all while being monitored!

Nancy claims that the Amino app helped her track her dog’s movements while her husband Greg came down with COVID – 19. It was during these scary and uncertain times that the app helped maintain an understanding of her dog’s behaviors while focusing on healing a loved family member.

Monitor while away from home

Faith and her two boys, Michael and Jacob, love the Amino monitor. It especially helps Michael feel better knowing about his dog’s behaviors and activities while he is at his dad’s home. The device was handy while Faith remodeled her home on HGTV’s “Change me up” show. Faith exclaimed, “It was fun to watch the boys track Joey’s behaviors during the remodel. We were able to make sure Joey was being a ‘good boy’ when contractors and workers were in and out of the house. It was also fun to track his daily activities and see when he was just being a lazy butt.”

Michael, age 14, said the following, “It does a great job at recording how much my dog rests and is active. One thing to point out is that it rarely registered that he was at medium activity, but I think that is just how my dog acts. It also recorded his barking and sleep scores well. I am amazed at how well this device works with such a small battery. I have not had to replace it yet. This device is great to track your dog’s movements and I would recommend it to others.”

Both dogs continue to use the Amino device while their owners joyfully monitor their behaviors and activities.

To learn more about Sure Petcare’s Amino device visit:

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