Secure personal information on your wrist with SelfSafe

BY Wesley Dwaine

March 24, 2021

Follows you everywhere

Imagine a cloud following you everywhere you go, but doesn’t splash a single drop. Rather, this cloud holds all of your personal information like medical, legal, and passwords. This is a trust worthy cloud because of its newest security features. All it requires to access a wealth of personal information is a password. If not for this cloud, internet hackers can jeopardize that loan for your dream car. Worse yet, you’re finally winging your way across the world to a remote jungle and you suddenly need medical assistance! Your vital medical records informing attendants you are allergic to penicillin are unattainable because internet access is unavailable. None of this would be a problem if only you had the world’s first safe way to secure personal information and take it with you. Enter SelfSafe, a USB emergency identification wristband.

Secure personal information at your finger tips.
Secure personal information at your finger tips.

This simple matte black, water-proof bracelet stores all personal information including medical, legal, financial, travel documentation and so much more. How about storing even your favorite color? It can store almost anything, however, I’m not suggesting it’s the best place for food storage. The key to keeping your information conveniently safe and secure on your wrist is SelfSafe’s software with bitlocker drive encryption.

Secure personal information for travel

I highly recommend SelfSafe to secure personal information for everyone, especially for tourists and people with medical issues. I am hopeful that SelfSafe will expand the wristband with fashionable colors and prints like shark and floral. Because you feel a bit like James Bond wearing the device, a nice watch face would be a killer addition. At the moment, SelfSafe is only compatible for Windows computers. No date has been announced for the Apple/Mac version as of this reporting.

Carry secure personal information everywhere
Carry secure personal information on your wrist

To keep your personal information protected at your fingertips at all times please visit SelfSafe.

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