First Mobile Virtual Production Superstudio™ Revealed at the Magicbox Launch Party.

BY William Andre Buchanan

August 31, 2022

On August 19, 2022 Magicbox, introduced the world’s first-ever mobile virtual production Superstudio™ at an exclusive launch event hosted by Stargate Studios in South Pasadena. This revolutionary development in virtual production is a game changer for the Hollywood industry and RIDEPLAY tv was there to cover it thanks to our managing partner William Andre Buchanan who is also an investor in the Magic Box Ninja venture as it is lauded. The night was young and bright at the same time as the LED technology ws on display for the first time to the public. The audience included studio executives’ a few celebrities and VFX enthusiast were left in awe after the demonstration.

Keep your ear out for developments as there are massive expansion plans in the works and major network partnerships coming. The mission of the Magicbox is to make motion picture technology accessible to any content producer. The design is a semi trailer that transforms into an LED volume and computer control center in under 10-minutes. CEO Brian Nowac and his team has worked with several virtual production experts, including industry pioneer Sam Nicholson, CEO of Stargate Studios, to analyze modern virtual production and the ways in which it can be utilized more effectively to bridge the gap between studios & content producers in the VFX demand.


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