Big bang for your buck with premium quality headphones

BY William Andre Buchanan

February 7, 2021

Style in premium quality headphones.

1MORE, a global distributor of consumer audio company, the recipient of three 2021 CES Innovation Honoree Awards, is music to your ears, literally. 1MORE has expanded its true wireless family to give you a big bang for your buck with nine new premium quality headphones. However, 1MORE Colorbuds Pro is the star of these recent awards, just one more award added to the 12 received in the last four years.

The true wireless category has stiff competition and as a music producer and music lover I wanted to dive deeper into this product. Follow along as I go in depth audio-wise with these tiny, affordable earbuds.

The Colorbuds listening experience on the go is fantastic. Furthermore, the package includes a pair of true wireless earbuds, a USB-C charging cable, three extra pairs of eartips, a quick-start guide, a warranty card and, a logoed sticker.

Stylish design in premium quality headphones.
Stylish design. Premium quality.

Touch controls on each bud are programmable and can include volume commands and an auto-pause functionality built into the Colorbuds. This brilliant feature pauses the signal audio when you remove a bud, and resumes when you put it back in. Awesome!! Rumour has it that the Colorbuds pitch was tuned by a Grammy award-winning sound engineer. Yea, I’d like to meet that guy!


·         Stylish, yet a discreet look, custom color and a comfortable fit.

·         Convenient and stylish way to listen to music on the go. The package comes with a sleek, compact charging case, which recharges on the go extending to 20+ hrs of battery time combined.

·         Price Point at $99. retail gets you a big bang for for your buck.

 ·         Dual microphones with Environmental Noise Cancellation technology produce crystal-clear voice talk.

Premium quality headphones available in four colors.
Redesigned comfort.


·         Lack of bottom frequency. As a music producer I would love to have the ability to hear every frequency regardless of the audio sound source. I believe this product bottoms out around 80 to 90 hertz leaving the listener unable to hear the coveted bass arena. 1More does offer other headphones that can fill this void. Keep tabs on us as we will be sure to cover those in our next analysis..

·         Voice talk is spotty at times.

The Wrap:

Since 2015 1MORE has been climbing the ranks in the premium consumer audio market with award-winning designs packed with 1MORE’s signature sound. You can count on a solidly built quality at extraordinarily affordable pricing. If you are looking for comfortability and portability, 1MORE Colorbuds has you covered.

Premium quality headphones in four colors.
Hear in color. Choose from Midnight Black, Twilight Gold, Sakura Pink, and Spearmint Green

For more information about 1MORE ComfoBuds, visit, and connect with 1MORE on Facebook at on Twitter, and on Instagram.

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