Slice & Screens: A Digital Journey at the 2024 International Pizza Expo with RIDEPLAY tv

BY William Andre Buchanan

March 24, 2024

In this tantalizing blend of dough and pixels, we explore the cheesy wonders of the Expo while riding the virtual pizza paved roads with RIDEPLAY tv. From wood-fired ovens to interactive toppings, this sector promises a slice of innovation and a dash of entertainment. 🍕🎮 Las Vegas—the neon-lit playground where dreams are spun, fortunes won, and slices of pizza devoured. In March 2024, the city’s Las Vegas Convention Center transformed into a pizza lover’s paradise as it hosted the 40th International Pizza Expo from March 19 to 21, 2024. Picture this: a symphony of bubbling cheese, wafts of tomato sauce, and the collective hum of pizzaiolos perfecting their craft. The Pizza Expo was a sizzling celebration of all things pizza. With over 35,000 attendees, this event brought together pizzeria owners, operators, and industry enthusiasts from around the globe. Let’s dive into the saucy details:  



Key Highlights:

  1. PizzaCon: An Exclusive Slice of Heaven

PizzaCon—not your run-of-the-mill tradeshow. This was an intimate affair, tailor-made for pizzeria owners and operators with big dreams. Imagine a room filled with passionate entrepreneurs, each hungry for knowledge (and maybe a slice or two). Strategies were dissected, secrets shared, and connections forged. If you missed it, mark your calendar for 2025!

  1. The Expo Hall Extravaganza

The Expo Hall was a sensory overload. Over 1,000 exhibitors flaunted their wares, and the air crackled with anticipation. Here’s what caught our eye:

  • World Tea Exhibit Hall: Because pizza and tea are a match made in flavor heaven. From chamomile-infused crusts to Earl Grey gelato, the possibilities were steeped in creativity.
  • Cocktail Clubhouse: Mixologists shook up concoctions that would make Don Corleone proud. A dash of limoncello here, a sprig of basil there—voilĂ , pizza-friendly libations!
  • Italian Aperitivo Showcase: Sip on Campari, nibble on olives, and channel your inner Fellini. Cin cin!
  • Pizza Zone: Ovens roared, dough twirled, and toppings piled high. We debated the merits of Neapolitan vs. New York-style. (Spoiler: Both are winners.)
  • Lamb Weston Fry Bar: Fries with pizza? Why not! Crispy spuds dipped in marinara—genius.
  • Japanese Food & Beverage Showcase: Sushi-inspired pizza rolls? Yes, please.
  • Restaurant Zone: Kitchen gadgets whispered promises of efficiency. The F&B Innovation Center sparked ideas like pepperoni sparks cravings.


  1. USBG Shake It Up Competition

Mixology met pizzaology (that’s a word, right?) in the USBG Shake It Up Competition. Bartenders juggled bottles like pizza dough, creating liquid symphonies. The winning cocktail? A smoky mezcal potion with a hint of basil. Salute!

  1. Education and Workshops

Tony G and Mike Bausch took the stage. Their workshops were like secret recipes—revealing the alchemy behind successful pizzerias. We scribbled notes, tasted samples, and left with doughy dreams.

  1. Exchange at Pizza Expo

An invite-only soirée for growth-focused pizzeria owners. Imagine rooftop views, twinkling lights, and conversations that sparked collaborations. Networking never tasted this good.

  1. International Pizza Challenge 2024

Pizzaiolos battled it out. Their pies—edible canvases. The judges deliberated, and we watched, mouths watering. The verdict? Pizza is art, and we’re all connoisseurs.


RIDEPLAY tv Takeaways:

The 2024 International Pizza Expo was more than just cheese and crust—it was about innovation, community, and the pursuit of pizza perfection. As the industry’s leading event, it left attendees inspired, informed, and ready to create doughy magic in their pizzerias. As the Expo wrapped up, we carried home more than just pizza samples. We had fresh ideas, new contacts, and a renewed love for the humble slice. Until next year, Las Vegas—keep spinning dough, chasing flavors, and believing that every pizza is a masterpiece waiting to be devoured. 🍕❤️   For more details and to relive the pizza magic, visit the official Pizza Expo website. Until next year, keep those ovens fired up! 🍕🔥  


William Andre Buchanan attends the International Pizza Expo 2024


About International Pizza Expo & Conference: 

The annual International Pizza Expo remains unchallenged as the industry’s largest event. Thousands of pizzeria professionals convene in Las Vegas, Nevada each year for 3 days dedicated to all things pizza. Suppliers from across the globe, networking and educational sessions led by top industry professionals, and national competitions round out this unrivaled event. Visit for more information.


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Since the early 1980s, Pizza Today has been the pizzeria industry’s most trusted and valuable educational business resource for more than three decades. The international award-winning content focuses on insider tips, operational advice, recipes and information integral to helping today’s pizzeria owner operate more efficiently and profitably. For more information, please visit


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