Sip, Savor & Cruise Soiree: RIDEPLAY tv Takes the Bar & Restaurant Expo by Storm!

BY William Andre Buchanan

March 23, 2024


In this digital carnival of flavors, we’ll explore mixology marvels, culinary curiosities, and all the while, buckle up for a wild ride with RIDEPLAY TV. We blend flavors, mix libations, and ride the waves of innovation. Join us as we explore the Expo’s hidden gems, all while strapped into the RIDEPLAY TV rollercoaster of taste! 🍽️🎢📺 🍹🎡

The Bar & Restaurant Expo, hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 18 to 20, 2024, brought together over 13,000 movers and shakers from the food and beverage industry. This dynamic event was specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by hospitality professionals, offering practical solutions and innovative ideas to maximize profitability by unlocking revenue streams.


Key Highlights:

  1. Strategies and Innovations:
    • Attendees discovered cutting-edge strategies and innovations driving financial success in the food and beverage world.
    • From single-unit bar and restaurant operators to national chains, everyone found valuable insights.
  2. Expo Hall Experience:
    • The Expo Hall was a hub of activity, where attendees indulged their taste buds with complimentary food and beverage samples.
    • Notable features included:
      • World Tea Exhibit Hall: Explore the diverse world of teas.
      • Cocktail Clubhouse: Redefine mixology standards and unlock profit potential behind the bar.
      • Italian Aperitivo Showcase: Discover the best of Italian aperitifs.
      • Pizza Zone: Strategic investments for success.
      • Lamb Weston Fry Bar: Serve piping hot fries and sample a few!
      • Japanese Food & Beverage Showcase: Expanded with 60 unique suppliers.
      • Restaurant Zone: Featuring the Kitchen Equipment Showcase, powered by Middleby, F&B Innovation Center, and The Bistro.
  1. USBG Shake It Up Competition:
    • Witnessed the electrifying cocktail event of the year.
    • Mixologists competed, setting new standards for craftsmanship.
  2. Industry Meetups:
    • Elevate your networking game with tailored opportunities.
    • Connect with professionals who share your interests.
  3. The Bistro:
    • VIP Pass holders enjoyed a full restaurant setting, complete with food, drinks, and the latest technology.
  4. Live Cooking Demos:
    • The F&B Innovation Center hosted live cooking demos, inspiring menu enhancements.


RIDEPLAY tv Takeaways:

The 2024 Bar & Restaurant Expo was a melting pot of ideas, flavors, and business acumen. Attendees left with actionable knowledge, ready to implement strategies that would enhance their bottom line. Whether you’re a seasoned operator or a newcomer, this event provided a platform to thrive in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

For more details, you can explore the official Bar & Restaurant Expo website.

Remember, success in the food and beverage sector isn’t just about what you serve—it’s about how you innovate, connect, and adapt. Until next year, cheers to growth and prosperity! 🥂🍽️🍹





About Bar & Restaurant Expo

Bar & Restaurant Expo has continued to evolve and mirror the fast-paced, trend-setting nature of the hospitality industry. The event has been providing the specific tools that bar and restaurant owners, operators, and managers need to grow their businesses, compete, and succeed in this hyper-competitive and dynamic industry. The Bar & Restaurant Group is part of the Questex Travel & Hospitality Division and also produces World Tea NewsWorld Tea Academy, as well as Bar & Restaurant ExpoBar & Restaurant News, and Vibe Conference.


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