Taste the Future: RIDEPLAY tv Explores Natural Wellness Wonders of Innovation at Expo West 2024

BY William Andre Buchanan

March 19, 2024

In this digital out of home feast, we’ll explore organic aisles, sip mocktails, and ride the waves of natural innovation—all while keeping our eyes on the RIDEPLAY tv screen. Over the next several months, we will be featuring some of our favorite brands from the expo so stay tuned.


Impossible Shows Up and Shows Out!


The Natural Products Expo West 2024 descended upon the sun-kissed city of Anaheim, California, like a vibrant kaleidoscope of health, sustainability, and culinary creativity. From March 12 to 16, the Anaheim Convention Center buzzed with energy as industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and wellness enthusiasts gathered to explore the latest trends, taste innovative products, and ignite conversations that would shape the future of natural and organic living.


Below are my key take aways:  

Regenerative Farming and Sustainability Take Center Stage

The Expo’s heartbeat echoed with themes of regenerative farming and sustainability. Brands proudly showcased their commitment to the planet, emphasizing practices that nourish the soil, protect biodiversity, and reduce waste. From compostable packaging to upcycled ingredients, Expo West celebrated those who dared to tread lightly on Mother Earth.

Beauty and Wellness Collide

Everyone for Every Body pampered attendees with their Shiny Hair Oil. Imagine feeling like a supermodel while nourishing your locks. Beauty and wellness intertwined seamlessly—a testament to holistic living. Look out for other companies like AG health with a focus on immune, allergies, blood circulation, inner beauty and gut health.

Functional Wellness: The New Frontier

Functional wellness emerged as a star player. Attendees reveled in products infused with adaptogens, superfoods, and ancient herbs. Lion’s mane mushrooms promised mental clarity, while turmeric danced its golden jig as an anti-inflammatory superhero. The aisles hummed with elixirs, powders, and capsules—all designed to enhance vitality and resilience. Tropicana, renowned for its refreshing fruit juices, recognizes the need to expand beyond mere thirst-quenching beverages, is now diving headfirst into the health and wellness frontier and I am here for it!

Mocktails Steal the Show

Move over, cocktails! Expo West declared it the era of mocktails, Elevating the mocktail game. Brands such as Mingle, Blueshift Nutrition and Ednas concocted alcohol-free delights that tantalized taste buds without the buzz. Hibiscus-infused spritzers, ginger-mint fizzes, and juniper-laced tonics flowed freely. Cheers to health, wellness & hydration with a twist!  

Global Flavors: A Culinary Adventure

The Expo’s culinary landscape spanned continents. Attendees savored soup dumplings, nibbled on steamed buns, and dipped into spicy Asian sauces. The fusion of flavors transported taste buds from Tokyo to Tuscany. And yes, the cardamom honey—a revelation! Look out for rising star brands like Hot Jiang, Stoked Oats & Mr. Bing.


William Andre Buchanan and Hot Jiang Founders Melly Mi LI & Joey Ngoy at Expo West 2024


Fresh Ideas Pavilion and Hot Products

The Fresh Ideas Pavilion beckoned with a mix of familiar favorites and exciting newcomers. Rowdy Mermaid’s adaptogen-infused Good Mood soda sparked joy, while Heirloom Coffee Roasters brewed regenerative magic. Hot Products, a frenzy of innovation, revealed the latest obsessions—from Korean BBQ-flavored seltzers to ethically sourced chocolate batons.


The Equality Lounge

The Equality Lounge® once again was a dynamic space where founders, forward thinkers, wellness enthusiast and forces of the economy converged.  This inclusive gathering emphasized leadership, equity, and the pursuit of equality. Attendees engaged in meaningful conversations, exploring how to capitalize on trends in the CPG world with good intentions that can translate into intentional actions & a healthier lifestyle. All were welcome, without exception, fostering a collaborative environment that celebrated diversity and progress.


The Female Quotient – Equality Lounge at Expo West 2024


Conclusion: Empowering the Future

As Expo West wrapped up, we carried home more than samples and business cards. We carried a vision—a world where wellness thrives, flavors harmonize, and our choices ripple through generations. Until next year, Anaheim, keep the spirit alive—one conscious bite at a time. Stay tapped in as we take a deeper dive into some of the feature exhibitors exclusively on RIDEPLAY tv.


🌿🌎🍏 Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on observations and trends seen at Expo West 2024. Always consult with a healthcare professional before making any dietary or wellness changes.    


 🌱📺🚀 By William Andre Buchanan, Health & Wellness Enthusiast




About the Natural Expo 

Natural Products Expo an annual event that hosts more than 85,000 attendees over the four-day period, with approximately 3,500 exhibiting companies & is the leading trade show in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry by presenting retailers who are meeting the product demands of consumers. It has an immense impact on local communities and global industry. Natural Products Expo serves to discover product trends designed to keep consumers healthy & fit and its sustainability program strives to identify, understand, and proactively address environmental impacts, social sustainability, and sustainable development.

Follow @NatProdExpo on Instagram and Tiktok! Visit @Natural Products Expo on LinkedIn to join ongoing conversations and check out the @New Hope Network’s YouTube to catch up on video content. Natural Products Expo is a business-to-business trade show and is not open to the public. 




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