The Top TechCrunch Disrupt ’19 Startups Recommended by Rideshare Advertising Experts RIDEPLAY TV

BY Wesley Dwaine

November 8, 2019

Technology today travels at mind-boggling speeds, reports our rideshare advertising experts. The latest gadget this week is suddenly old news next month. Keeping up with technology takes concerted effort with access to news bites each day. TechCrunch Disrupt 2019 is heading its way to Berlin in December, and it just passed through San Francisco. Check out the startups that RIDEPLAY TV is watching right now. Our picks might be your favorites, too.


One of the most unique concepts brought up at TC Disrupt SF was data control. OzoneAI introduced itself as a company that wants you to sell your data. Remember the days of just giving away your data on countless websites? This startup aims to organize and sell your data with your permissions attached.

At our rideshare advertising and entertainment company, data protection and permissions are always top concerns. Our partners, including Verizon Media, constantly protect consumers with secure sites and encryption. OzoneAI’s goal is to mix privacy with freedom to sell your playlists, wish lists and more. With targeted advertising as a natural side effect of this data collection, we’re looking forward to this startup’s success along with protecting our customers.

Dentulu Inc.

Picture yourself in the back of a Lyft or Uber, and a serious toothache sets in. Pull out your cellphone to access Dentulu. This startup is a mobile access point to a nearby dentist. Direct your rideshare driver to the nearest office to take care of that toothache.

Live consultations are even possible in the back of the vehicle! Convenience is an understatement in this case. RIDEPLAY TV, along with our partner Verizon Media, can offer a clear screen and signal for this consultation. Take care of the health issue so that you can move onto more exciting endeavors.


New mothers have a lot on their plates. From lulling the baby to sleep to breastfeeding, these activities are brand new and full of challenges for every mom. Our team is excited to see a proactive app and tool from Mylee that focuses on nutrition. A tool that collects a breast-milk sample can analyze it and display the results on mom’s smartphone. You’ll know if there’s enough volume for the baby or if a change is in order.

Many new moms give up on breastfeeding because of the complexities associated with it. The Mylee app and tool give her the information necessary to improve each feeding session. Advertising this system in our rideshare partners’ vehicles will only help the newborn population thrive.


Have you ever been bored on a long ride in a rideshare vehicle? Our TVs are solving that problem along with content partners. We’re excited about seeing Exeest rise up in the film distribution market. They’re making huge strides in content trade and discovery.

What does this startup mean for your ride experience? You might see a film short or advertisement that’s perfectly suited for your needs and desires. There will be more content that’s full of creative energy that excites viewers as you move around town.

With streaming content evolving every day, Exeest is a startup to watch as we move ahead with rideshare entertainment.

Keep up with these fascinating startups. They’re bound to make a difference in the technology realm.

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