Your Commute to Work Just Got Even Easier

BY Marissa Rees

June 25, 2019

Whether you own one or not, you’ve probably heard of the popular hoverboards that many have been using. If you don’t own one, it’s probably because they cost a pretty penny. That’s why RIDEPLAY tv’s rideshare advertising team is here to share something new and exciting with you. Half the price of its leading competitors and basically a hoverboard cut in half itself gives you what Jetson showcased at CES Las Vegas 2019 and just released to the public!


What Exactly Are They?

MotoKicks Hover Shoes were recently released, just in time for you to be riding down the boardwalk this summer with them! Being the only pair of hover shoes that will be available in store and for an affordable price, Jetson really took time designing these with the consumer like you in mind! You will be able to try them on in person at Walmart’s starting August 5, 2019. For now, you can purchase them online. The name is self-explanatory – no more walking, just hovering. Save your feet while saving time and having fun!


Your Commute to Class or Work Just got Better

Affordable, easy, and fun – what else could you want from a new product? For $198, you get the pair of hover shoes with LED lights, connector bar, and charger. The LED lights ensure you’re visible and safe at low light hours of the day. The connector bar makes the hover shoes easy to use, great for your first couple rides! MotoKicks Hover Shoes are lightweight, throw them in your backpack and take them out when ready to ride without any problems. They make getting around easier, enjoyable, and fun. A transportation tool plus a toy that is fun and purposeful. One charge lasts for as long as 6 miles, so you won’t have to worry about running out of power as opposed to competing products. Worried about spending $198 on a pair of hover shoes for something to possibly go wrong? Don’t! Each pair comes with a one-year limited warranty.

For more info please visit Jetson’s company link below. 

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