How to Act Once You Meet Your Favorite Celebrity

BY William Andre Buchanan

June 4, 2023
I have been blessed and lucky enough to work in several industries which have allowed me to meet and work with several celebrities and high-profile individuals over the years. Some of them I have gone on to create friendships and business opportunities with.
But how should you act when you meet these individuals for the first time? When you meet your favorite celebrity, it’s important to be respectful. Celebrities like any other person crave respect. You should be ready for a quick engaging conversation. If you are dressed nicely, talk succinctly that usually makes them a little more comfortable speaking with you. In this article I’ve included the best tips I can give from my experience on how to act when you meet your favorite star and how to make it a memorable experience.
Please read the listed Do’s and Don’ts below and please check out my YouTube series launching soon where I explain in more detail on what it was like when I connected with some of the most elite celebrities and high-profile individuals for the first time. 


Don’t start screaming, crying like a crazed person if you get to meet your favorite celebrity. They are as normal as you and I and want to be treated as such.
Do keep it cool, be respectful, remember they are humans too. Be polite and respectful when you get to meet them.
Don’t Set high expectations keep your expectations low. Some celebrities can be assholes, but the truth is you are one of the many people they meet. So don’t expect them to spend a lot of time with you. Rare occasions if you have something of value to offer, you’ll get a little more time, but you better get to the point.
Do Have your camera, autograph item, photographer (The person snapping your pic) or phone ready. You don’t want to waste time frantically searching your bag for these things. Have your book or camera ready. Many celebrities will move around quickly if you are not ready.
Don’t over compliment them and keep your expectations low. Say thank you when you’re done.
Do compliment them and keep your expectations low. Say thank you when you’re done.
More Do’s and Don’ts to be added soon.

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