RIDEPLAY tv on Peggy Smedley’s Coverage of Savari Leading Technology on Autonomous Cars

BY Marissa Rees

April 29, 2019

Currently, the automotive industry is advancing at an extremely fast pace where autonomous cars are concerned. Savari leads the V2X technology industry and was featured on The Peggy Smedley talk show on day two of the CES 2019 event in Las Vegas. Peggy talked with Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari about the advances the company made creating a world where cars can communicate with one another. Although, not easy, it is possible. Ravi explained that the collaborative effort leading Savari technologies makes moving forward more attainable than ever before.

Closer Than You Think

Autonomous vehicles are closer than you think. Sound scary? Savari has a history dating back ten years. This experience gives Savari credibility in the self-driving car arena. Connective vehicles are Savari’s specialty and Ravi tells how autonomous cars are much more than simply cameras and sensors. Technology used to create these cars includes vehicle-to-everything, V2X, and utilizes radio and cellular connectivity to enable crash avoidance.

How Will They Be Developed?

Society’s safety will ultimately rely on this new technology. However, the cost is high. Pavvuli shares that the United States Department of Transportation has been a tremendous factor in allowing the automotive industry to move in this advanced direction of autonomous cars. The approval gave consent for the initial standardization and regulation of the industry. Savari’s technology is an exclusion, yet still has a future.

Standards and Regulations

Connective vehicles should be regulated. Pavvuli states that V2X will be outside of the government support because it uses a cellular standard and can be utilized by car manufacturers. This standard has been available for two years, unlike the wifi standards the government has urged in previous years. This is more in tune with business models as cars are currently  manufactured with the use of cellular connectivity.

What’s next?

In order for this market to further expand, a single supplier with the ability to meet the demands of a global market is critical. Because the demands of the US, Europe, and China are strong, and a framework incorporating all will ultimately globalize the autonomous car industry.

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