Behind the Scenes at the Grammys with RIDEPLAY tv

BY Marissa Rees

April 2, 2019

With such a variety of amazing companies activating at the Distinctive Assets Official Grammy Gifting Suite during the Grammys 2019 festivities, it was hard to decide which companies caught RIDEPLAY tv’s eye the most. Our host Wesley Dwaine from our rideshare advertising team got the chance to meet the amazing companies below. They are definitely worth checking out, so scroll down to see why!

Source Naturals: supplements

If you’re like us here at RIDEPLAY tv, it’s hard to stay healthy with such a busy work week. At the Grammys 2019, Source Naturals showed us how easy it is to maintain your health with their well-known, award winning supplements. No wonder Source Naturals has been granted #1 immune formula 13 years. Talk about consistency! It comes as no surprise that Halle Berry is devoted to this product.

23 And Me: DNA testing

DNA testing has made a turn in the right direction with 23 And Me. Health reports with your DNA ancestry testing are now available. This allows customers to review their genetic predispositions that accompany the full ancestor background! Since everyone’s DNA is unique, you’ll definitely have to check this out for yourself to see what it’s like. 23 And Me has been featured on talk shows like Conan O’Brien’s talk show CONAN. Conan isn’t the only celebrity enjoying 23 And Me. Recently, they partnered with NeYo.

Alpha Priority: VIP security service

Guests have the best VIP airport experience through Alpha Priority and their concierge services. Alpha Priority offers a wide variety of services, such as travel agent and chauffeur services, all in a formal, first class manor. Based in New York but operating worldwide, Alpha Priority has glowing testimonials across the globe. Hear examples of the details considered by Alpha Priority for their clients in our interview in our on RIDEPLAY tv.

Good Girl Chocolate

Healthy chocolate … sounds impossible right? Not anymore thanks to Good Girl Chocolate. Wes from RIDEPLAY tv met with Dr. Tabatha who discovered a way to eliminate the guilt from indulging in some sweets. Count on Good Girl Chocolate to be gluten-free, dairy-free, and naturally sweetened, Everyone loves the organic low glycemic sweeteners that are used to make them. Catch the eye appealing way they are made. See for yourself in RIDEPLAY tv’s recent video!

Grosse Jewelry

Heads will be turning with this statement jewelry. Now, jewelry is unisex, giving it and androgynous look. Grosse jewelry dates back to the early 1900’s and is still a relevant with its current styles. No wonder Cardi B, Alicia Keys, NeYo and now our own Wes from RIDEPLAY tv wear the sparklies!


No need to leave your house to enjoy a great stress-relieving meditation or yoga session. WORLD QREATORS has launched “ISHIKI” — a Japanese Meditation Zen with VR/360 experiences. They have incorporated augmented reality goggles and the Japanese meditation practice of Ishiki from Consciousness and self-awareness. The videos were originally filmed  in Japan giving it an organic and realistic feel. This guided meditation practice will allow you to incorporate a beneficial mindfulness in your everyday life.

Neoteny Beverly Hills: skincare

Celebrities are known for having flawless skin, but now you, too, can have glowing skin by using Neoteny facial masks! Based in Beverly Hills, this skincare company provides your skin with all the nutrients it needs to be as soft as babies skin!

PRSVR: Persevere clothing

Looking to spice up your closet with some pieces that are functional yet trendy? PRSVR, standing for persevere, clothing has got you covered! RIDEPLAY tv got a personal shopping experience with PRSVR. Get at peek at their unique pieces which are redefining what it means to be on trend in the fashion world.

ReFa USA: skincare

Into skincare? Then you must know about the new beauty roller trend that is currently sweeping the beauty industry. Beauty bloggers and influencers alike are obsessing over ReFa. Check out why ReFa tops the list for current beauty facial trends below!

Millianna: jewelry for your shoes

Jewelry isn’t just to glam your body any more. You can accessories right down to your toes with Millianna bling. Imagine the reaction you will get when as the first to step out in your group in this different way! Follow the fashion forward icons such as Cardi B, Camila Cabello, and Post Malone who have already claimed out their chain Shoewelry!

it’s a 10 Haircare

A company that completely lives up to its name is definitely hard to come by in the hair care industry. That’s why RIDEPLAY tv is so impressed with it’s a 10 haircare. From personal experience, I can truly say that it’s a 10 has been in my hair care routine since I was a little girl. It comes as no surprise that it’s a 10 haircare is still killing the game and proved it at the 2019 Grammys showcase.

Oxygenetix: the foundation you need

Finding a foundation that is true to a girl’s skin tone is a challenge. Oxygenetix has fixed this problem with their award winning products. You can find their products featured on nearly every top lifestyle platform including Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue Health, Women’s Beauty and many more. Known for its acne and moisturizing health,Oxygentix is a true triple threat.

The Gifting Suite made quite an impact with the list of diverse gift samples, showing the popularity of the companies participating. We enjoyed  meeting with the companies listed, and look forward to using their products!

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