drive for uber or lyft?

Earn 5% to 10% commissions by selling advertising on RIDEPLAY tv.

Example: Get 3 advertising deals and put an additional $800.00 / month in your pocket.

Commission while you drive.
We close the deal, we pay you.

1. Promote

Promote RIDEPLAY when a passenger is interested in our services.

2. Click

Have passengers click the red button & enter their e-mail to notify us.

3. Pay

Once we get paid, we pay you 5%/ mo for the entire campaign.

You must sign up to qualify.

Commission selling in person.
You close the deal, we pay you.

1. Meet

Meet w/ & the show interested businesses the RIDEPLAY tv app.

2. Demo

Demo the dashboard video & send the checkout link.

3. Close

Close the deal!  We get paid, you get paid 10%/ mo for the campaign.

You must sign up to qualify.


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